A concussion can arise from the brain moving either rapidly back and forth or banging against the side of the skull, generally associated with an accident or sports injury. This sudden movement can stretch and damage brain tissue and trigger a chain of harmful changes within the brain that interfere with normal brain activities. Common symptoms include nausea, headache, confusion, dizziness and memory problems. No two concussion injuries are the same. Our physiotherapists are trained to assess, treat and manage concussion symptoms.



Most frequent questions and answers

Although more than half of all persons with a minor head injury experience symptoms a week after the injury, more than 80 percent recover within a month. It is normal for symptoms to go away gradually. A small percentage of patients have symptoms that last longer than six weeks, at which point they are diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

Treatment will depend on your symptoms, including emotional, physical and cognitive. It is important to note that emotional problems such as anxiety or depression are common. Your provider will develop a specific treatment plan for you and help guide you on the track to recovery.

It is very important that you have physical and mental rest after a concussion because rest helps the brain to heal. Accept that it will take time to re-build your stamina. Only when your symptoms have reduced significantly, and with your health care professional’s consultation, should you gradually resume your normal routine. Sometimes, people find that their symptoms come back or they develop new symptoms. This is a sign that you are doing too much, too soon. Stop these activities and take more time to rest and recover. As the days go by, you can expect to gradually feel better.

Each person recovers from a concussion differently. Recovery depends on factors such as a person’s age and health before the concussion, the severity of their concussion, whether they have had any other concussions in the past, and how they take care of themselves after the concussion. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions to aid your recovery.

It is important to note that more than 80 percent of concussions resolve very successfully within the first three weeks following an injury, if they are managed correctly. Therefore, if you think you or your loved one has suffered a concussion, it is critical that you contact your doctor right away. Getting help soon after an injury by a medical provider who is trained in the evaluation and treatment of concussion may improve recovery.

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