Custom foot orthotics

The function of custom foot orthotics is not limited to just raising and supporting arches, it realigns the feet and ankles and attempts to restore the full function of the feet. It also redistributes your weight more evenly over the foot and can relieve the pressure on sensitive spots on your feet. Shock absorption is not a primary factor when looking for orthotics although some do offer a degree of shock absorption, adding additional comfort. Using a scan and casting of your feet, our Chiropodist Physiotherapist or Chiropractor will work with the orthotic lab to create a custom orthotic to address your needs.



Most frequent questions and answers

If required, all ages can benefit from a foot orthotic. From discomfort in the foot to severe problems such as diabetic foot ulcers, a foot orthotic can help a wide range of patients. A detailed assessment from a footwear and orthotic expert such as a Canadian Certified Pedorthist can confirm if a foot orthotic will assist a patient with a particular foot, leg, or even back problem.

The lifespan of a foot orthotic should not be measured by when the the cover material wears out but by how long the orthotic meets the foot’s changing needs for support, correction and pressure redistribution. The materials used to make the foot orthotic, the patient’s foot structure, levels of activity, age and physical condition all impact the orthotic’s lifespan

A foot orthotic can be rendered less effective if it is placed in inferior footwear as the shoe may work against the features of the orthotic. A shoe acts as a foundation for the foot and provides a stable base for the foot orthotic.

They are the same. “Orthosis” is the clinical term that physicians and healthcare providers frequently use and “orthotic” is the more commonly used term by the general public.

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