We offer two types of mediation services, civil matters and family matters. Mediation is a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques. Please read below to see which type of mediation may be suitable to you and learn more about our 3-step process which makes mediation easy and accessible.


Civil Mediation brings parties together to discuss and resolve issues in dispute in a confidential manner with the help of a neutral third party. 

The types of disputes civil mediation can cover are extremely broad and are including but not limited to; accounting, bankruptcy, insolvency, business sucession, class actions, collections, debtors, competition law, contracts, corporate, franchise disputes, investment dealers, mining, partnership disputes, securities, transportation, employment, harassment, human rights, discrimination, labour relations, workers compensation, workplace disputes, wrongful/constructive dismisssal, insurance, interpretation of commercial insurance policies, life and disability, medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, professional liability, property & casualty, reinsurance, agricultural, arts, aviation and air, construction, engineering & infrastructure, educaation, entertainment, envirionmental, indegenous, hospitals, health industry, intellectual property, landlord & tenant, libel & slander, oil & gas, public policy, senior & co-operative housing, sexual assault, sports, trusts, wills, trsuts & estates, real estate, commercial leases, condominium leases, general real estates transactions, land use, planning.


Family mediation is a highly popular choice for couples who want to move on in their lives after they have separated. In family mediation, a third party works together with the couple to help them negotiate a settlement without going to court.

The types of disputes family mediation can cover are focused to family disputes, including but not limited to; divorce, seperation agreements, parenting plans, self-representation, out of court settlement, child custody issues, and more.

For inquiries regarding mediation or counselling, please contact us via email or call for a free 30 minute consultation.

* Please note, any and all information provided for any mediation services, civil or family, is strictly confidential and any information regarding your file can only be accessed with your permission.


We use a very easy-to-follow 3-Step-Process for all our mediation services. Please click on each step for further details outlining the each step of the process.

The mediation process begins with an intake session. In this session, we will gather important information about your situation.

Once information regarding your situation has been understood, you will be appointed a mediator. We have a variety of mediators who offer a diverse list of services and specialties. You will be appointed a mediator best suited to mediate your case.

After you’ve been appointed a mediator, you will receive a completely free consultation. This will serve as an opportunity to meet your mediator and gather more detailed information and facts for your file.

Following your free consultation, the mediator will offer you next steps to continue your mediation and discuss fees accordingly.

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